I was born in 1961. It was a great time growing up when so many great rock bands in the 60's and 70's released albums and toured. I was lucky to attend several concerts in Goteborg, Sweden. Inspired by my eldest brother's interest in music and taking me to concerts made me inspired to make my own music, just because music is just so huge and the possibilities are endless!

As my first idol was Keith Emerson, I wanted to play the organ. It didn't happen as organs were expensive, but guitars were cheap. I got my first electric guitar in September ´74, and we started a band at school. As it happened often at that time, lots of guitarists but no bassplayer. As I already was amazed by bassplayers such as Chris Squire and Gary Thain, I had no problems filling that role. Being a bassplayer has ever since then felt like I've found the instrument I'm most comfortable with.

In '79 and ´80 I was fortunate to meet other musicians and being involved in recording demos for other bands, as well as playing bass in Acme Band. It was a fantastic period of exploring various instruments and recording equipment.

...To be continued...