I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, a golden era of rock music. I had the opportunity to see many legendary bands live in Goteborg, Sweden, thanks to my older brother Ingemar who introduced me to music and took me to concerts when I was young. I developed a passion for making music myself.

I wanted to play the organ like Keith Emerson, my first idol, but it was too expensive to buy one. Instead, my parents bought me an electric guitar in September ´74, and at that time we formed a band at school. We had three guitarists and a drummer, but no bass player. I volunteered to play the bass, as I admired bassists like Chris Squire and Gary Thain. I felt at home with the bass and it became my favorite instrument.


I left schoool in 1977, and began working at a printshop. The band we had at school drifted apart as the others pursued more education. I stayed at home and set up a small studio with a reel-to-reel tape player, a 4-track cassette deck, and a few instruments. I had a Yamaha SK-20 Stringmachine, an electric guitar, a bass, and a drum-machine. I realized that I enjoyed creating new music and experimenting with different sounds, rather than mastering any particular instrument.

In 1979 and 1980, I had the opportunity to meet other musicians and get involved in recording demos for various bands. I also played bass in Acme Band, a versatile group that played different genres of music. Uffe Börjesson was our leader and mentor, who challenged us to grow and have fun as musicians. During this time, I also acquired a flute and my first fretless bass.

Acme Band

After the breakup of Acme Band in 1982, I found myself isolated and longing for a musical outlet. I reached out to a vocalist who had also left his previous group "Studz" and we formed a new band with original material. We had a real nice time doing songs and some gigs in the 80's, but it came to an end in 1989 when I had a terrible experience at a gig that shattered my confidence. I decided to quit the band as I realized I couldn't cope performing while not in control of my playing.


I was happy to have more freedom and creativity in my music, without the pressure of being in a band. I set up a modest home studio and experimented with different genres and styles in the 90's. I also connected with other musicians online and collaborated on various projects.

It was a real fruitful period of getting in touch with people in different countries over the internet with similar interest in music genres. It lead to a long period of being involved with 5 tribute albums for Eddie Jobson, and in a band that doesn't meet in person, just sharing files. It suits me perfectly.